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Grey Bespoke Corporate Suit


The shirt collar has neat round cuts on the edges, which gives it an elegant and class look. The Jacket lapel is cut in a notch style making it more corporate and has a detailed lapel hole allowing one to use a lapel flower or a flagship lapel pin.

The Jacket is crafted with a pocket on the left side of the chest allowing one to use any type of pocket square in this case a white pocket square was used making the whole look neat and dandy. With the shirt collar type a slim cut tie completes the whole shirt look making it more elegant and sharp.


The Jacket sleeves are well tailored using the functional cuffs technique allowing one to easily pull up the sleeves and show-off the lining and details of the inside and can be very handy when one is wearing the jacket at the beach or in a hot climate.


The bespoke pants are beltless and well tailored to fit you and the length of the pants is accurately cut basing on your height making you feel more comfortable and gives it a dapper sharp look.